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Affordable Wedding Photography in Melbourne

Your wedding is one of the most important days of your life and we at Flora Photography understand the sanctity of this special day more than anyone else. Based in Melbourne, we are dedicated to our passion for capturing the precious moments of your wedding day and ensure to bring you iconic, beautiful photos that you will adore forever. For us, photography extends beyond a mere profession to an art to which we have devoted our soul, and our work speaks for itself. Impeccable frames, innovative perspectives and exquisiteness are a hallmark at Flora Photography. Coalescing quality with pocket-friendly rates, we are the most affordable wedding photographers in Melbourne.

At Flora, we have a team of well-equipped professional wedding photographers who have become doyens in the trade, with their years of experience. With an eye for detail and guided by precise instincts, they ensure that every valuable moment on your D-day is captured. Unlike novices, our photographers come with experienced expertise, which makes them capable of predicting a moment right before it happens. This guarantees that they are poised with their cameras in the nick of time and beautifully captures your bliss. Be it ceremonial occurrences, family photos or candid, we ensure that nothing is missed. With a base built on a dedicated team with an affluence of experience and a passion for delivering beyond expectations, Flora Photographyis positioned uniquely to provide an array of wedding photography services in Melbourne with immaculate attention to detail and quality.

For the best wedding photographers and wedding photography packages in Melbourne

Our photographers use the most modern cameras and equipment for the shoot, ensuring that the results are derived in the best possibly quality, resolution and clarity. Equipped with back-ups in terms of cameras, batteries and other gadgets, we guarantee no hardware failure from our end during your wedding photo shoot. Incorporating premium software’s for editing and retouching, we make certain that we give your images the right amount of touch-up, alongside maintaining its soul and keeping it natural.

Flora Photography is an all-inclusive team of photographers who are always on the look-out for adventure in our realm. Though based in Melbourne, we open our arms to clients from various geographical locales and backgrounds and are more than willing and excited to capture the astounding and diverse traditions from across the globe through our destination wedding photography services. Customer satisfaction is our primary goal and hence we invest ample time in understanding the nuances of the rituals and ceremonies involved in every wedding function. We respect and maintain the sanctity of the setting and capture frames without interfering with the celebration. Professional and amicable, the photographers at Flora are quick to adapt to various situations at a wedding and are capable of making impromptu decisions to suit the requirement.

We offer customized packages for our clients’ special day. One can pick and choose from our plethora of services and decide what they want. At Flora, we understand that every couple and their love story is unique in its own way and we do our best to capture it in all its glory, festivity and love. We have done numerous unique wedding captures as per the specific instructions of the client such as black and white wedding photos, vintage wedding photos and beach wedding photos that has received much acclaim from both the clients and prospective clients who visited our website. We also offer services in for pre-wedding, post-wedding and customized shoots.

Some of our most preferred services include:

  • Candid wedding photography – This service captures the moment in all its essence and natural expression, usually without the subject’s knowledge. They are known to bring out the core emotion and add charm to the frame.
  • Indoor wedding photos – Indoor shoots include the bride and groom photographed in an aesthetic setting, usually with artificial lighting.
  • Outdoor wedding photography – The couple chooses an exquisite location of their preference and the shoot is done. This setting offers more space for candid captures and inculcates the use of natural light.
  • Drone wedding photography – Drone shoots are one of the trending things in the wedding photography industry. Visuals captured from a bird’s eye view adds more poise to the wedding setup and gives an option to compose larger frames.
  • Night wedding photos – This service uses the play of light and shadows to essentially create beautiful silhouettes and cameos of the couple, which are a class apart.
  • Chinese wedding photography – The Chinese wedding ceremony is composed of several intricate rituals and we send in our experts who come with an understanding of the traditions and customs, ensuring that nothing is missed out.

To capture the exquisite moments of your wedding day, avail our services at Flora Photography. Check out our albums on www.floraphotography.com.au Call us on 1300 669 558 to know more details on the packages. Alternatively, you can also mail us at floraweddings@hotmail.com.